Finish all the rides in one day in Universal Studio Hollywood

If you would ask me if I would recommend fast pass, I don't think you should get it. You should probably save yourself a couple hundred of bucks in rewarding yourself with souvenirs and foods instead as the lines are pretty fast paced as in you only wait about few minutes before each rides unless you are the type of person that wanted to do it immediately.

We bought our tickets online which cost about $105 each totaling $210 + processing fees which add up to $211.98. It's a good idea to buy the ticket online and print it out so that you could just scan your ticket right at the entrance instead of lining up wasting your precious time that could be used to spent in the park.

I did a lot of survey about getting most of it in the park. We were hoping to get to the park at 8:00am on Friday however we could only get there at 9:30am losing an hour and a half of precious time in the park. 

The hours are actually different each days, check out the accurate hours here Universal Studio Hours


You could save this at the end of the day where there is less people

The line could get pretty long, so print out your tickets so that they could scan it.

Make sure your have your map or else you will you will get lost

This is the MAP!

Once you get the map, rush your way through the lower lot where you could Transformers: The Ride 3D, Revenge of the Mummy - The Ride and Jurassic Park - The Ride are located. Do not let anything beautiful attractive souvenirs tempt you from stopping. You will have plenty of time for that. As you could see on the map, there is about 4 elevators that you have to take to get to the lower lot which take about 10 - 15 minutes. Once you reached to the lower lot, you will see that there is barely anyone down there. I love all those 3 rides. They were all really good. By the time you are done with all three rides, you will notice that there are more people at the lower lot. 

Jurassic Ride

You will get wet but not wet enough that you need a rain poncho.

Wasn't that wet afterall.

I do have the warn you that the mummy ride is kinda scary.

But you will enjoy it

It's a 3D ride! It is well done ride. My favorite ride! 

Now that you have completed all three rides, you could probably spend some time taking pictures 

This is probably the ugliest Optimus prime I have ever seen. 

This dinosaur will try to scare you

Entrance of the Jurassic Park!

Mummy Ride entrance

Transformer entrance

Now make your way up the elevator where you could take the Studio Tour which could take about an hour for the tour. It is definitely a worthwhile experience, the line is kinda long but Universal Studio did a pretty good job in keeping the line moving fast. You will be amazed at how much the movies we watch nowadays are mostly fake and most importantly be impressed with the technology. It is definitely a good learning experience I would say for me.

The another MUST TAKE PICTURE after you exit the tram of the Studio Tour

Now this should be lunch break, we went to Krusty Burger and they do serve really good burger in my opinion given that I am huge fan of American burger. Right after that, we went to Krustyland. There is a lot of other entertainments that you could participate in.

We stopped by at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for a roller coaster ride which is super long and it's only about 2 minute of ride. In my opinion, it was fun riding it but it wasn't that good as of a roller coaster ride. The part of the park was recently opened few months ago and you will see a lot guests spending hundreds buying wand or costume. We bought a chocolate frog and a chocolate wand. There is a lot of things that you see on the movie sold in the part of the park. 

We have to leave to catch a 3:30pm show at the Water Park which is highly recommended since all we do is rides and 3D shows. You should probably get the highest seat as it has a better view and you could see everything. Just a word of cautions that you will probably see some seats painted in green with a sign "Soak Zone". They really do mean it when they say soak zone, they will soak you with water. 

After the show, we make our way to Despicable Me. I seriously have no idea that Minions are really funny and they speak in many different languages. It kinda get me into watching Minion after this ride.  If you have kids, Despicable Me is definitely a recommended ride and right after the ride, there is a park called Fun Land where the kids are able to play around too. 

Right after that, we did Shrek which is just alright as you are just seating in a huge 4D theater with your 4D glasses. Another show that I would totally recommend is Special Effects Show, you will be amazed how each incredible scene are so well done on the show that we are easily deceived by it. And then we return back to the World of Harry Potter to try more other rides. The Harry Potter and the Forbbiden Journey located in the World of Harry Potter was mind blowing and the line is really long too but you know, the line moves at fast paced too. You aren't allowed to carry anything into the ride and you will have to put away your belongings in a locker which will be provided for FREE for 3 hours. 

This cost about $100+

Depending which wand you want, this could cost about $40+

Above all, use this website that Universal Studio provide to help you determine how long does it take to take a ride and what shows are available at a certain time: Wait Time

We left around 6 something finishing everything that we wanted to do and we kinda walked around the Universal Walk which is just located next to the Universal Studio. 




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