PCC Tour Guide Christmas Caroling

A year ago, I was on my mission in Miri doing Christmas Caroling with the members. A blink of an eye, a year has passed and I had indeed learn a lot what Christmas really mean. This year, with the tour guide crew we went around Christmas Caroling to the retirees of PCC and employee that has lost their spouse. It was Boss Jimmy's idea. I have a great respect to Boss Jimmy for everything he has done. I have never seen or respect my boss so much and he definitely is the first one. He gain my respect and loyalty.

When we go about singing to probably a lot of houses, i felt the spirit so strong that i wanted it to stay with me forever. It was the best feeling ever and I could still feel it even until now. Lots of souls were touched by our singing. Some of them shed some tears. Some were comforted by our singing. At that point, I was asking myself. What do I really want to do in my life? I really love what I was doing at that time and I definitely think that I wanted to touch the souls around me by any means to uplift them.

Below are some of the comments given to Boss Jimmy! I was touched by what we all did. I do not know how a simple act could bring such a big joy to people around us. I hope that we could all start looking for opportunity to touch at least a soul every day in every way that we could.
The first home we visited was Nana Damuni. She and her husband worked in the Fijian village for 30+ years! They also danced in the night show until her husband passed away. They are PCC legends! 
Next was Sister Vernetta Hall, who's been a single mother for many years. She works hard to take care of her children, including her inactive daughter, who wrote a post about you on her FB wall. (See picture). Today was also her birthday! She said you gave her "the best gift ever"! 
We visited the home of Simi Niumatalolo next. He served in the military for many years, and after he retired from his service there, he became the Chef for the PCC. I still remember the food from his time at Food & Beverage -- it was the best! His wife passed away last November so this time of year is especially sad for him, but he called me this evening to say how much you lifted his spirits! 
Next was Bill & Emma Ernestburg. Uncle Bill worked at PCC Security for a long time after he retired from the military. Aunty Emma was the Swim Coach at BYUH for 25 years! They said "Wow! No one ever comes to sing carols to us! We love you! Thank you all so much! What a wonderful Christmas!" 
Bishop Bobby Akoi and his lovely wife Hiromi were next. He was the Bishop of Ezra's ward before he was released recently. Before that, he served in the North Stake Presidency, and before that he was Bishop of his home ward (Laie 4th) and before that, Bishop of a singles ward! He still works at PCC as the Director of Protocol & Training.
They were followed by President & Sister Goo, who served as Temple President & Matron in Hong Kong, after they retired from working at BYUH Student Services for many, many years. On the space their home sits, used to be an old store, run by his father, called "Goo's Store". That's the store the one at our new Marketplace is named after.   They're getting ready to leave to serve another mission in New York! 
Uncle Joe AhQuin was next. He is a famed singer here in the islands and, as you saw tonight, he has a beautiful tenor and bass voice! He is Mahana's father in the original "Johnny Lingo" film.   His son Halam, who was also there, is a musician at the PCC Canoe Show, Lu'au, and Night Show. His grandson, Jarom, was an MPG Trainer before he graduated and now works in Waikiki. 
Next was Aunty To'iva, who lost her husband a few years back, who she was still totally in love with even after all these years. If you ever have a chance, ask her about him. She'll tell you stories for hours and you will feel the powerful love she has for him. She is our Custodial Supervisor at the PCC and is one of the hardest workers you'll ever meet. 
Uncle Ta'ofi Magalei was next (or Uncle T, as he's known). He was the Theater Manager for the last 20 + years. He just retired last year, but still volunteers at the PCC. He and his wife just received a mission call to serve in Samoa, where they are from originally.
Finally, the last home visit was to Herbert Nae'ole, who is the husband to Kim, who was our department's secretary for 25 years before she passed away from cancer three years ago. It's funny because it was getting late, we almost didn't stop there ... but I had a feeling we should go. While you were singing, Herbert told me that he had a feeling we would be coming tonight and as we sang he said he felt the spirit of his wife Kim with us. He cried on shoulder and I couldn't help but feel her there too. Almost all of you who were there tonight didn't have a chance to meet or work with her, but regardless, your gift of love and hope through music touched the heart of this man and his young daughter, Kanani. 

If you could see a group of us standing outside of the house and started singing.
A lot of them were surprised when they heard us singing and ran towards the door.

This wonderful man has a really beautiful voice and is really talented in singing.
I was touched by his song! On the right is Boss Jimmy! 




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