Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Honestly guys, thank you very much to see me for the last time before I go off. I hope to meet most of you in Sabah next year. I will plead/beg my mission president if I have to, to let me go to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah next year when you guys come home or else, I hope we might meet again when I finish my mission.

Samantha! Congratulations on getting engaged with Eddy! Didn't know you are so used to the life in America already. Getting married young! HAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, just wanna wish you all the best in your study and marriage life. And if you ever wanna go on mission, remember to bring along your engagement ring so that Eddy can't take it back from you. 

Eddy! Congratulations on getting engaged with Samantha! You are the man! Too bad I can't witness how you propose to Samantha or else I would be laughing every single day teasing you and Samantha. You know, I really miss teasing both of you and miss going out with both of you! We should really do that again someday!  

Angelo! Welcome to Kuala Lumpur! I hope I could tour guide and show you around in Kuala Lumpur, unfortunately it just clash with my schedule. Life in Kuala Lumpur is totally different especially nowadays due to the rising of crime rates. So please do take care! I am happy to know that you will be seeing Anna Ho. I sincerely wish both of you the best. 

Ian & Jun! I miss your family very much! I miss playing with Billery, Whitney & Hyrum! Visiting your family every single time reminds me how important a family is! I am hoping to see your 4th child. Please tell Billery, Whitney & Hyrum not to forget Uncle Kelvin! And not to forget, Jun's awesome cooking skill is incomparable! I would love to meet your family and to taste Jun's awesome food again!

Beatrice! I am really glad that you are serving your mission and I am really glad that you are making the right choice. I remember we discussing about the next time we will meet again probably around 4-5 years? I am still looking forward on how you would be in 4-5 years later. I just can't wait to see the new transformed version of Beatrice. Probably the super cool type? You know larh. You kan cold blooded xD Just kidding. Alright! Gayao in moving forward! 

There seems to be one more people missing. Right! Where is Robinia? By far, this is the latest picture of my sister on Facebook. My sister seems to be more feminine compare to last time I assume. I know my sister is doing well in Hawaii and I definitely believe that the Lord will help guide her to choose the best for her. Since my sister is graduating soon, I am hoping that she will consider going on mission. That's probably the only thing I hope for my sister. Take care sister! Love you. 



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